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Easter Weekend Sunset Cruise Promo

Have a little jaunt at the South China Sea in our Easter Weekend Sunset Cruise Promo aboard the luxurious and beautiful catamaran – Amazing Love! For 3-hours, be awed by glorious panoramic sunsets of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (TARP) as you sail around its five famous tropical islands. Experience first class hospitality service as you savour refreshments topped with free flow of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Your enjoyment and safety will be thoroughly ensured by the dedicated and professional crew of Amazing Love.

Easter Weekend Sunset Cruise Promo

For a maximum of 12 persons, come and enjoy all the above for only MYR 600 nett per person on 14 April 2017 in our Easter Weekend Sunset Cruise Promo! Hurry and call our Travel Centre for enquiries and bookings today at +6 012 866 1935 or email us at An ocean adventure awaits you, grab this opportunity today!

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January 2017 Monthly Newsletter

Hi everyone! In this post, get to know more about Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures and read about our activities in the January 2017 Monthly Newsletter. We have gathered a selection of special happenings for your reading pleasure as well as to showcase the beauty of Sabah and give you an insight on us as a company. This month, Downbelow Guests gains a cultural experience and went on a journey of a lifetime at Mount Kinabalu, the team is building a Cat Rescue Centre for SPCA Kota Kinabalu, our office girls finally learn to dive at our new Dive Downbelow PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre Manukan Island and many more exciting news!

To download the newsletter, click here. For further info, you can contact us at +6012 866 1935 or email us at

January 2017 Monthly Newsletter

January 2017 Monthly Newsletter

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Remembering World War II Usukan Bay Shipwrecks

In light of the tragic recent news that all of our beloved World War II Usukan Bay Wrecks have been removed by a Chinese salvage ship I wanted to show a few images I have taken over the years as a reminder of why we loved them so much and why is saddens me remembering World War II Usukan Bay Shipwrecks.

Remembering World War II Usukan Bay Shipwrecks.

Local Fishermen Depended on The Wrecks

These wrecks were not only a highlight of the west coast for both local & international scuba divers they were also a great spot for the local fishermen who enjoyed a heathy daily catch which provided a valuable income for the waterfront community. To Sabah it is clear these wrecks were worth much more to leave undisturbed than the fast money made by salvage.

Remembering World War II Usukan Bay Shipwrecks.

Shipwrecks Make Perfect Artificial Reefs

My pictures display a vibrant healthy marine oasis with stunning corals covering the structures something the ocean is in dire need of & desperately needs to preserve. In addition to their cultural significance shipwrecks transform into a habitat for an array of species. A wide variety of fishes, invertebrates and algal species make the wreck their permanent home. The nooks and crannies of these wrecks make them perfect artificial reefs.

In a time where global warming and rising sea temperatures are threatening corals reefs world wide its more important than ever to protect what we have.

The Ships were originally sunk over 70 years ago during WW2 by an American submarine & serve as a stark reminder of the horrors of war in which so many lost lives. Lest We Forget !

It is the opinion of many that raising of these historic war graves is an unforgivable act that has affected many people on many levels & cannot be undone they deserved much better protection.

Remembering World War II Usukan Bay Shipwrecks.

Salvaging of Shipwrecks Is An International Problem

The salvaging of shipwrecks seems to be a growing international issue as reported in The TelegraphThe Guardian and Divernet. If allowed to continue the ocean will be robbed of its maritime history.  Authorities worldwide need to do more. I hope that the shipwrecks of KM Kumuran and Gaya Wreck, both located in the Tunku Adbul Rahman Park will remain intact.

Remembering World War II Usukan Bay Shipwrecks.

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GoPro Camera New Year Promotion

GoPro Camera New Year Promotion at Downbelow Dive Shop

A special promotion dedicated to everyone who is passionate about photography and videography, enjoy great savings when you purchase the Hero4 Black Edition and Hero4 Session at Downbelow Dive Shop with our GoPro Camera New Year Promotion!


GoPro Camera New Year Promotion Price List

Whether you are a budding musician, a daredevil that loves extreme sports, or a nature enthusiast traveling the world, the GoPro is designed to let you capture each and every exciting moment, experience, and adventure easily. Don’t miss a single second of it and start documenting your journey today by getting the Hero4 Black Edition or Hero4 Session.

There are three bundle deals for the Hero4 Black Edition for you to choose from, and for each camera you are entitled to have free essential pack worth MYR349.

Take advantage of this promotion today and visit the largest dive shop in Kota Kinabalu at KK Times Square!

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Beach Accommodation Kota Kinabalu

Beach Accommodation Kota Kinabalu Package By Downbelow Adventures

We, at Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures, offer beach accommodation Kota Kinabalu, which is perfect for travellers who wish to enjoy the tranquility of Sabah, Malaysia.

If you are a scuba diver or snorkeller, we are proud to state that we just opened our second PADI 5-Star IDC Dive Centre on Manukan Island Resort in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. It is offshore Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo. Just 10 minutes away from the Kota Kinabalu mainland. Daily dive packages and island snorkelling are also available for walk-in clients and non-residents.

Our Dive Centre is located at the resort’s swimming pool area. The swimming pool is used for all confined water training dives and offers a comfortable location for surface intervals.

Furthermore, we present scuba diving, sea kayaking, and snorkeling safaris daily. You can access the 49 dive sites of the National Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park through our custom built dive boats. The dive sites are also minutes away from us.

Beach Accommodation Kota Kinabalu

Beach Accommodation Kota Kinabalu For Scuba Divers

We provide our guests unparalleled convenience and international standard facilities, our scuba diver guests can take advantage of our affordable Stay and Scuba Dive Holiday Packages.

Do You Want To Learn How To Scuba Dive?

At Downbelow Adventures, you can stay and learn to scuba dive with our holiday packages. Staying at the accommodation where you will learn to scuba dive provides a very special experience. Not only will you save travel time in the morning and afternoon transferring to the dive centre, you will also be able to return to the comfort of your own chalet during surface intervals. At night there’s nothing better that feeling rewarded by your achievements, looking out at the ocean which has become your new play ground.

Beach Accommodation Kota Kinabalu For Island Activities

If you are not into scuba diving, why not take advantage of our Stay and Snorkel Safari Holiday Packages. When you take advantage of these packages, you can explore the Pearl of the South China Sea and experience three activities in just one day. You can go snorkeling and discover the beautiful coral reefs. Then, experience trekking through the rainforest and mangroves. Afterward, you will go sea kayaking to check out the secluded bays and find out more about the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TARP).

Beach Accommodation Kota Kinabalu

Staff Team

Throughout your scuba diving, snorkeling and sea kayaking activities, our professional staff team will be with you every step of the way. We will take you to the most unique places of Kota Kinabalu. Our team will have the required safety equipment so you can have peace of mind while appreciating the beauty of the islands. You can read more about our safety standards and proceedures at our dedicated section. Now, if you choose to trek alone with your family and friends, you can. It is extremely safe to explore the jungle trails without our guide. However an area orientation is required so you must ensure you receive this prior to any trekking activity. On Gaya Island you will be given a handheld radio to communicate with our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island.

To know more about our holiday packages, please call +6 088 488 997 or email us at


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