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Safari Veterans Explore Borneo Wildlife

For nearly 20 years, Karin and Andreas Muller have been planning to go on a Borneo trip. As wildlife enthusiasts, the couple from Switzerland wish to see unique and diverse species of animals here in this beautiful region. When they finally decided to go, the couple chose Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures to organise their trip. Their request was a two week tailor-made holiday in Sabah to experience the best of Borneo’s wildlife, maximising time & logistics. What a wildlife holiday it was! Being passionate about wildlife as well, our team knew exactly what Karin and Andreas needed and tailored a special program just for them. As these safari veterans explore Borneo wildlife in the comprehensive program, we also ensure they get to experience the very best of Sabah.

Safari Veterans Explore Borneo Wildlife

Rhinoceros Hornbill

The first destination Karin and Andreas visit is the Tabin Wildlife Reserve. It is a popular location to observe the abundance of Borneo wildlife and part-take in nature activities. An area that attracts a rich diversity of birds, Tabin is a bird-watchers’ paradise. The relatively low canopy with ample natural light makes birding and photography a delightful experience. About 42 indigenous families of bird representing more than 260 bird species have been recorded in this reserve, including 8 of Sabah’s Hornbill species. They are Rhinoceros Hornbill, White-crowned Hornbill, Black and yellow Broadbill, Malaysian Blue Flycatcher and Jambu Fruit Dove.

Safari Veterans Explore Borneo Wildlife

Borneo Pygmy Elephants

Next, the safari veterans explore Borneo wildlife at the 130 million years old rainforest, Danum Valley Forest Reserve. This ancient rainforest is renowned for its amazingly diverse animal life. It is one of the few places in the world where visitors can experience the magnificent splendour of nature in its original, unspoiled state. Extremely rare and endangered species are known to roam the jungle. Pygmy Elephant, Bornean Gibbon, Leaf Monkey and Clouded Leopard have all been spotted before. Orang utans and proboscis monkeys, both found only in Borneo, also roam freely and are often seen in the wild jungle of Danum Valley. Adding more excitement to the trip, Karin and Andreas stayed at the luxurious Borneo Rainforest Lodge. Built on the banks of the Danum River, the lodge provides environmentally friendly rustic, international standard accommodation that delivers individual and unique jungle experiences.

Safari Veterans Explore Borneo Wildlife

Proboscis Monkey

After that, our program takes them to Sabah’s longest river, the Kinabatangan River. They stayed at Sukau Rainforest Lodge, which is one of the world’s leading ecolodges. Built on stilts near the river’s edge, Sukau Rainforest Lodge offers a balanced mix of unique jungle experience combined with the comfort of deluxe facilities in the heart of Borneo’s jungles. To spot wildlife and birds, guests will enjoy a relaxing and serene river cruise as well as participate in educational and fun nature walks. Kinabatangan River is where visitors have an opportunity to see saltwater crocodiles, hornbills, Borneo pygmy elephants and of course the endemic, peculiar Proboscis Monkeys.

Safari Veterans Explore Borneo Wildlife

Wildlife at Deramakot Forest Reserve

Lastly, the safari veterans explore Borneo wildlife at our newest adventure location, the Deramakot Forest Reserve. The Deramakot Forest Reserve is home to many incredible Borneo wildlife, including the smallest bird of prey in the world, Borneo Falconet and the critically endangered Sunda Pangolin. The reserve also boast the most frequent sightings of wild cats. During their wildlife spotting and birding activities here, they had a rare sighting of a Leopard Cat. Other wildlife they spotted were the Malay Badger, Buffy Fish Owl, Giant Squirrel, Blue-Eared Barbet, and Bronzed Drongo.

Safari Veterans Explore Borneo Wildlife

Karin and Andreas Muller at Deramakot Forest Reserve

It was such a pleasure to have been a part of Karin and Andreas Muller’s Borneo trip, and organising it was such fun for the Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures team. If you are a wildlife enthusiast and wish to see animals of Sabah, contact our Travel Centre team now and go on a Borneo Adventure with us!

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June 2017 Monthly Newsletter

Hi everyone! In this post, get to know Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures and read about our activities in the June 2017 Monthly Newsletter. We have gathered a selection of special happenings for your reading pleasure as well as to showcase the beauty of Sabah and give you an insight on us as a company. This month, our Downbelow Team’s hard work paid off in a big way, a group arrives at Dive Downbelow PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre for their marine biology field trip, the PADI Instructor Development Course officially begins for our Go PRO team and many more exciting news!

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