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SeacSub Freediving Fins Review

The SeacSub Motus Full Foot Fin is a new addition to our product range of quality fins at Downbelow Dive Shop. It is the latest free dive fins from SeacSub and has many advantageous features. I decided to give it a try and selected the Camo Motus Long Fin. It was an interesting trial so read on for the SeacSub Freediving Fins review.

SeacSub Freediving Fins Review & Assessment After Test Dives

This fin consist of interchangeable blade fin with a two-material closed pocket and makes it convenient to change colour, length or if the blade is damaged. The foot pocket is made of double density material, with hard thermoplastic rubber as its sole and ribs. It is soft to fit in order to optimise comfort and performance ratio. Though very tough, it is still extremely comfortable to wear. The material of the blade is a special technopolymer formulated to emphasises the flexibility and reactivity of the blade. The water really does pass over the fin with ease and yet minimal effort from the leg muscles is required.

SeacSub Freediving Fins Review

Trying out the SeacSub Motus Full Foot Fin at Downbelow PADI 5 Star CDC Dive Centre, Gaya Island, TARP

I actually tried the fins with both scuba diving and freediving. Based on that experience, it is clearly a free dive fin as it does not handle the additional weight of equipment so well. However, it could still be used if you wanted an all rounder.

Overall I really like these fins and found them very comfortable, effortless to use, light to travel with and reasonably priced for a specialised fin. If you are visiting us at our Downbelow PADI 5 Star CDC Dive Centres, I would be happy to let you try our demo pair provided the size fits. Just ask the island office for a trial to go freediving with SeacSub Motus Full Foot Fin.

Freediving with SeacSub Motus Full Foot Fin

Check out the Motus Full Foot Fin and other Seacsub products at Downbelow Dive Shop

If you are interested in purchasing, please contact our team Karen or Rozy at Downbelow Dive Shop, KK Times Square and come check them out.

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April 2018 Monthly Newsletter

Hi everyone! In this post, get to know Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures and read about our activities in the April 2018 Monthly Newsletter. We have gathered a selection of special happenings for your reading pleasure as well as to showcase the beauty of Sabah and give you an insight on us as a company. This month, it had been very eventful and lively as we begin the April 2018 PADI Instructor Development Course at Downbelow PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre, PADI Platinum Course Director and Downbelow’s Managing Director Richard Swann together with our Pro Staff Team and Go Pro Interns rid the ocean of the menace that is a ghost net, marine life encounters in TARP was very exciting with it being krill season and more exciting news!

To download the newsletter, click here. For further info, you can contact us at +6012 866 1935 or email us at

April 2018 Monthly Newsletter

April 2018 Monthly Newsletter

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