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Best Child Friendly Holidays Sabah

Travelling as a family can be greatly rewarding. You will gain unforgettable memories that you can treasure for life. Many worldwide travel destinations offer wonderful life experiences that can strengthen bonds and enrich a family. Such destination is here in the land of adventures, Sabah Malaysia Borneo. With a variety of unique and wholesome activities to do, Sabah is a place that is ideal for both adults and children to explore. Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures is your trusted Borneo specialist to customise your family itinerary. Our lodge and day trips are perfect for family holidays and we are dedicated to ensuring the best child friendly holidays Sabah.

Accommodation For The Whole Family

When travelling, it is essential to choose the best place to stay for you and your family. With all options available you can be overwhelmed with information, making it hard to decide. Fortunately, we have just the accommodation you need conveniently located here in the centre of Kota Kinabalu City, Sabah, yet away from the noise.

Best Child Friendly Holidays Sabah

The Family Room at Downbelow Eco Lodge

Our Downbelow Eco Lodge offer rooms with facilities and amenities to suit all ages including the little ones. With affordable rates and no hidden charges, our online booking feature also provide ease for you to choose and confirm your room instantly within minutes.

The types of room you can opt for at our lodge are the Family Room (Gaya Room) and the Family En-Suite Room (Sipadan Room). Both air-conditioned rooms are specially designed with a great layout that will comfortably fit you and your children and provide a peaceful sleep before and after your adventures in Sabah. All our mattresses are 100% latex and natural, which is best for health of the whole family and means that bed bugs which can often be found in tropical accommodation can’t exist here at the Downbelow Eco Lodge.

Best Child Friendly Holidays Sabah

A Comfortable And Spacious Communal Area Where Kids Can Play And Rest

We have a spacious and cosy communal room where kids can spend their time playing, reading, drawing, resting, watching cartoons and other activities. We have also provided in the Downbelow Eco Lodge a travel cot that in-house guests can freely use.

More features of our lodge includes free access to high-speed wifi internet and usage of the coffee/tea amenities. As for safety, our security surveillance operates 24 hours a day on all communal areas, ensuring the protection of you and your family at all times. Our staff live at the lodge and the the complex has 24 hour patrolled security for everyone’s safe keeping – not that Kota Kinabalu is an un-safe place but its always re-assuring that safety is a priority.

Day Trips Tailored To Children

We offer many enjoyable, comprehensive and value for money day trip programs that are great for kids here in Kota Kinabalu. Only a few minutes away from Downbelow Eco Lodge, you can experience ocean fun with your family at our Downbelow PADI 5 Star CDC Dive Centres in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

Best Child Friendly Holidays Sabah

Snorkelling Is The Easiest And Most Popular Way To Explore The Ocean For Kids

See tropical marine life and colourful soft corals in our Snorkel Safari program. It is most suitable for children because this activity is easy, safe and fun at the same time. A professional PADI Instructor will first conduct an orientation at the pool or at the bay to practice important skills before heading out on our boat. We will teach you the basics of mask clearing, kicking techniques and snorkel use through shallow water instruction. After that, you are ready to swim and snorkel in TARP in search of “Nemo” and other fishes!

Best Child Friendly Holidays Sabah

Children Can Learn About and Experience Scuba Diving at Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures

If the little ones show interest in scuba diving and wish to try it themselves, our PADI Bubblemaker for Kids activity is perfect for them. This program introduces kids to scuba diving in a highly supervised, fun and relaxed manner. As part of this program, and under the guidance of a PADI professional, children divers learn basic safety concepts, put on equipment and swim around underwater in a closely supervised environment at our own private pool area. Once kids are comfortable with the scuba equipment and master the basic skills, the instructor will then bring them to experience their first Open Water dive (max 2m/6ft depth) at the shallow house reef area at the front bay. You and your family will enjoy beautiful island surrounding or just hangout by the pool to relax during the quick breaks in between sessions.

Another option to enjoy scuba diving is the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. It is a perfect holiday activity for non-divers who wish to go scuba diving and children can participate in it too. In this program, you can go through a knowledge briefing, learn basic scuba skills and go on an open water scuba dive to our ‘house reef’ together with the kids. It will be a very special moment when you experience the underwater world as a family.

Best Child Friendly Holidays Sabah

See Stunning Mountain Views In The Kinabalu Park Day Trip

For a private and relaxing day exploring Sabah’s amazing nature with children, we have the Kinabalu Park Day Trip program. The drive to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kinabalu Park from Downbelow Eco Lodge is approximately 2 hours and the journey itself will be enjoyable for the whole family. Enjoy the scenic route and catch glimpses of Malaysia’s tallest mountain, the majestic Mt Kinabalu along the way. Once there, spot rare and endemic species of flora and fauna when you stroll by rivers and mountain trails and learn about plants in the park at the Botanical Garden. After that you will visit the Poring Hot Springs where the kids can visit butterfly gardens, have fun at the canopy walkway and get a chance to see the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia.

Best Child Friendly Holidays Sabah

Join In On The Traditional Sabah Dance During The Cultural Extravaganza

Kota Kinabalu city itself has many interesting attractions. Our private and tailored Best of Kota Kinabalu Tour program takes you and your family to the best places to visit in the city and learn about the local people of Sabah at a cultural villages. Among the attractions you will visit are Signal Hill Lookout, Sabah Museum and Handicraft Market. At the cultural village, you and the family will explore five different ethnic homes of Sabah. The children will participate in fun activities such as blowpipe-making, henna-making, bamboo cooking, and try out the traditional bamboo trampoline. There will also be an exciting cultural show featuring traditional dances of multiple ethnic groups of Sabah that will entertain the kids.

We have a variety of day trip programs in Sabah and the above are only some of them. To see all of our day trip programs, visit our webpage here!

Contact Us

If you are planning to travel to Sabah Malaysia Borneo with your family soon, we would be delighted to tailor and customise a program just for you. Our knowledgable and friendly Travel Centre team can assist you with your enquiries about our child-friendly trips, contact them at +60128661935 or email at today!

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Effortless Travel In Borneo

In many ways technological advancement has changed the way we travel, making for hassle free and effortless booking options. In other words technology has totally revolutionised the tourism industry. Nowadays there are many online travel agents that allow you to book and plan your holiday at the click of a button. However with an overflow of feeds from different social media platforms, beautiful images and so many “must do’s” we are flooded with too much information and too many choices which can lead to a difficult decision process.

Research has shown that more than 70% of travellers now plan their trip on the internet, while only 13% still use high street travel agencies to prepare their itinerary.

While online travel agents offer the convenience of planning and booking your holiday via the world wide web, more effort and time will usually be necessary to research for a specialized attraction and very often in the online world you will meet sites giving you information with no proof of reliable sources. In Sabah for example there are plenty of niche attractions that do not get the recognition they deserve and may never be found just by hours of searching on the internet.

At Downbelow Adventures (aka Adventures in Borneo) we have recognised the need to filter the overwhelming amount of options presented to our clients.

With 20 years of credential, at Downbelow Adventures we pride ourselves as your Borneo Adventure Specialist. Our packages are tailor made by people who are passionate & highly experienced in the art of travelling. Our objective is for you to enjoy the best of Borneo and take away an experience of a lifetime – effortlessly. Whether you are looking for a budget friendly holiday package or a high end luxurious escape, our team of experts will create a personalised itinerary to best suit your interest and wish list maximising your time in country and saving you money. In other words, effortless travel in Borneo!

We also offer our clients the simplicity of online bookings with instant confirmation and payment with no booking & credit card fees. Online bookings still enjoy our full customer service with a dedicated travel consultant for tailored itinerary making a seamless and even more effortless travel in Borneo experience.

So get in touch with us today, tell us your travel dates, number of people traveling, your budget and your interests and we will present to you a tailored suggested itinerary. Alternatively visit our website where a selected number of tailored packages are available online.

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How To Plan Your Mt. Kinabalu Trip

If you are planning a short trip over the weekend or just needed a getaway from the daily hustle and bustle of life, head over to Sabah, Malaysian Borneo and climb Mount Kinabalu –  the highest peak in Malaysia. This is your guide on how to plan your Mt. Kinabalu trip in four simple steps. 

Step 1 – Book Online On Our Website.

Get guaranteed climbing permit plus no credit card fee and bank fee when you book online with us. Get more discount if you are planning to climb Mount Kinabalu as a group. Book now to get special promotion on selected dates!

While you’re at it, book your stay in Kota Kinabalu at our very own Downbelow Adventure Lodge. Dormitories and private or en-suite rooms are available from MYR35.00 per person. Our expedition style lodging is located at KK Times Square rightly adjacent to the Imago Shopping Mall with over 300 stores and food and beverage outlets.

Step 2 – Book A Flight To Kota Kinabalu.

If you are staying in the Asia Pacific, chances are  you can easily book a direct flight to Kota Kinabalu. The Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) has opened its new terminal building in 2008 and it has now become Malaysia’s second busiest airport. Not coincidentally is Airasia – world’s best low cost airline making KKIA one of its most important hubs. KKIA’s strategic location makes it a popular transit for flights to the Asia Pacific regions.

How To Plan Your Mt. Kinabalu Trip

How To Plan Your Mt. Kinabalu Trip

Step 3 – Getting Ready.

You are now almost ready to climb the mountain.

Packing the right gear is essential, sturdy shoes with a proper grip is recommended especially for the ascent to the summit. For the first part of the climb, light clothing is sufficient. Bring a refillable water bottle so you can refill drinking water at the restaurant in Laban Rata Resthouse. Also pack basic toiletries and a small towel and warm clothing for sleeping at the base. Packing light is advised, you can layer the sleeping clothes with a jacket and windbreaker for the ascend to summit. Apart from that, bring a pair of extra socks, waterproof glove and a beanie or balaclava to keep your ears and face warm for the early morning climb.

Hiking poles and headlights are available for rent when you climb with us. Check out some cool gears and outdoor essentials you can purchase at our Dive Shop

Mount Kinabalu is accessible even to novice climbers but a good level of fitness does make the hike more enjoyable! A good leg muscle strength is required before you embark on climbing any mountain, so some trainings and exercises to condition those muscle before your climb is a smart move.

Step 4 – Climbing The Mountain!

Your mountain guide will be meeting you at the park headquarters before you start the hike. He will brief you about the do’s and don’ts at Mount Kinabalu. The best tip follow is to always listen and stay close to your mountain guide. At Downbelow Adventures we have our own seasoned mountain guides to accompany your hike and they are not just any guides, these mountain people are moulded and emerged from straight from the foots of Mt. Kinabalu.

Last but not least, read our blog post on The Mystical Aki Nabalu to know more about this majestic mountain.

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Mount Kinabalu Climb

A Mount Kinabalu Climb has been proven to be quite challenging for many tourists, regardless of age, this is a challenge that many embrace every day. Whether you want to explore new territories in the Pearl of the China Sea or you simply want to maintain your physique during the holidays, our Mount Kinabalu Climb package is the perfect solution for you.

Early Bird Mount Kinabalu Climb

For early birds, we have some great packages available. We offer a free night’s accommodation at our very own Downbelow Adventure Lodge in Kota Kinabalu and Poring Hot Springs in Kinabalu Park.

Climbing Mount Kinabalu is the best way for you to enjoy the sights and sounds of pure natural Sabah. Located within a world heritage site, it boasts clean air and un-spoilt jungle. It is one of the highest mountain in the South East Asia. No wonder this majestic mountain is considered the crown jewel of the area.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists take advantage of our Mount Kinabalu Climb package, as they know that it is the ultimate holiday package that they can get. The mountain’s uniqueness and beauty are just two of the reasons tourists keep coming back for more.

Mount Kinabalu Climb

Package Inclusion

Our Mount Kinabalu Climb package includes return land transfers from Kota Kinabalu to Kinabalu Park plus internal park transfers. The package also covers your climbing permit fee and application, insurance, as well as entrance fees. You can also get a Certificate after climbing.

Currently, we have a Mount Kinabalu Promotion that includes one night at Poring Hot Springs with full board, free meals, and an additional night at the Downbelow Adventure Lodge with free lodging.

To follow the steps of Sir Hugh Low, who first conquered Mount Kinabalu, we recommend planning your climbing expedition in advance. Our guide speaks English, so when booking and climbing with Downbelow Adventures there is no need to worry about finding an experienced guide when you climb this highest mountain in the South East Asia.

Our Mount Kinabalu Climb package does not include the equipment that you need for the climb. But our Dive & Adventure equipment shop offers essential pieces of equipment that you can use for your climb, and they are all available at affordable prices. We can provide you the logistics and know-how to face the challenges in climbing Mount Kinabalu successfully.

Our package consultant will help you arrange your expedition upon your first inquiry. Before you arrive in Kota Kinabalu, you are provided an itinerary with a packing list so you can prepare for your mountain climb and look forward to that day when you can finally conquer Mount Kinabalu. Doing it this way will allow you to train and amp your fitness levels before the most awaited climb of your life.

For more information about our Mount Kinabalu Climb package, please contact (+6) 012 866 1935.

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City Stay and Island Promo

Attention! We have a special promo dedicated for Island Lovers starting today! Go scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, trekking and other island activities at Dive Downbelow PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre and enjoy DISCOUNTS at Downbelow Adventure Lodge in the City Stay and Island Promo!

City Stay and Island Promo

Downbelow Adventure Lodge

30% OFF on Room Rates at Downbelow Adventure Lodge when you book a minimum of One (1) Day Island Activity at Dive Downbelow PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre. Includes complimentary airport pick up from 7am to 6pm.

35% OFF on Room Rates at Downbelow Adventure Lodge when you book multiple days Island Activity at Dive Downbelow PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre. Includes complimentary airport pick up from 7am to 6pm.

Stay period is from 10 to 18 December 2016 – so if you plan on spending time in the tropical island of Borneo, do contact us about this City Stay and Island Promo! And if you need to know more about our activities and PADI courses at Dive Downbelow PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre, you may do so by visiting our page here. Or better yet, just give us a call or drop us an email!

Downbelow Adventure Lodge has rooms suited to all travellers coming to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Be it for friends, family or the solo traveller, our clean, comfortable and safe rooms are catered to those wishing to seek affordable yet pleasant accommodation during their stay in this beautiful city. Our helpful and friendly team provides hospitality dedicated to make guests feel home away from home. Not only that, the lodge is located right in the heart of Kota Kinabalu and is very close to Sutera Marina Jetty so guests are able to reach Gaya Island within a matter of minutes!

We hope to welcome you to Sabah soon, contact us for BOOKING:
Tel: (+6) 012 866 1935
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Budget Accommodation in Kota Kinabalu

Has taking an exotic vacation to Southeast Asia always been a dream of yours, but appear to be out of your budget?  There are so many fantastic places that you can travel to that will allow you to experience all the different cultures and sights that Southeast Asia has to offer. Of course, traveling to this area of the world can be quite expensive for many travelers, and you may have a limited budget to work with for your trip. Also, you may have a difficult time choosing just where you want to go. You should check out our unique and fascinating area of Borneo, which provides endless opportunities for fun and adventure. You should know that here at Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures, you can find a budget accommodation in Kota Kinabalu so that you can afford to take your dream vacation.

Proboscis Monkey Fireflies Tour

Proboscis Monkey Borneo

Budget Accommodation in Kota Kinabalu

Any time that you are going to travel, particularly to an exotic or distant location, you will obviously want to investigate and research the area and explore the surrounding activities. You not only want to inform yourself about the culture, sights, and community, but you also want to take the time to try to locate lodging and travel packages that fit well within your budget. Before you even start looking around, you should know that if you have a limit on what you can afford for your accommodations and activities, we can put together a package that would allow you to stay within your required budget.

An Inclusive Location

Here at Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures, we provide a budget accommodation in Kota Kinabalu that offers inclusive packages. We will typically combine specific types of trips or adventures with our accommodations so that you get everything in one package. We can help you save on the added expense if you are looking to take specific hiking trips, go scuba diving, climb Mount Kinabalu or engage in other adventure activities. We can offer you accommodations and activities all in one package and help you save a significant amount of money to make your dream vacation a reality.

Find Out What is Available

If you are in the planning stages of your trip and want to learn more about our budget accommodation in Kota Kinabalu, we are here to help. We are top rated professional tour operators that can help arrange all kinds of travel to Sabah so that you can be sure to have the amazing trip of a lifetime, without going over your budget.

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Camps International 2016 Groups are Loving The Tropics!

Throughout the months of July and August, Dive Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures Sdn Bhd has been very lively with the arrival of the awesome and fun Camps International Groups 2016

During this group season, about 400 participants camped for four days at Gaya Island to enjoy some island fun in the tropics such as snorkelling in the tropical waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, sea kayaking through the surrounding mangrove bays, jungle trekking at a nature trail on the island itself and the highlight of the program – Scuba Diving!

And needless to say, the kids are really loving life in the tropics! All activities are conducted with safety being the highest priority for our staff team so the groups are all in good hands the entire time they are with us.

The groups were able to see many marine life, enjoy stunning and picturesque views of the park from the island, as well as learn more about the natural environment here in Sabah.

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Ocean to Mountain Adventure at Downbelow

The best way to enjoy Sabah is by experiencing its wonders in the ocean and all the way to the tallest mountain in Malaysia, to climb Mount Kinabalu.

So when a petite young lady from Penang booked the Ocean to Mountain program with us, we made sure that her Borneo Adventure is an unforgettable one!

Shu Jia adventurously travelled solo to Sabah for the first time. And when she did, her decision was anything but ordinary when she signed up for a comprehensive yet challenging program by Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures.

For the week-long program, Shu Jia was first brought to our premier Dive Downbelow PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island to complete her PADI Open Water Course and get a chance to enjoy the tropical underwater world of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. What an accomplishment it was, when Shu Jia was able to become a certified PADI Open Water Diver with us!

After a day of rest, the Borneo Adventure continues at Kinabalu Park, Ranau. This time Shu Jia will need to conquer the mighty and majestic Mount Kinabalu which stands at 4,096m high above sea level. During her climb, she experienced a little bit of pain from having sprained her ankle a few weeks ago, but she persevered through it and had successfully reached the summit! Thankfully Tino the mountain guide assisted her a lot throughout the journey.

If climbing with a previous injury isn’t enough, Shu Jia pushed through with another activity – Walk The Torq at the world’s highest via Ferrata! We highly recommend this exciting activity to all our guests. The cable bridge was Shu Jia’s favourite part!

As with any adventure, a story has to come to an end. Before it was time for Shu Jia to return to Penang, she dropped by the head office and gave a cake to the island team and travel centre team each. Our Travel consultant Rachel had guided Shu Jia in her adventure every step of the way, which Shu Jia was really grateful and appreciative for. Her joy was apparent, as with the satisfaction of being able to go home with three precious certificates from her time with Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures!

So if you seek for a holiday unlike any other, we are here to cater to your travelling needs and satisfy your wanderlust. Contact our Travel Centre today and plan your adventure with us!

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Camps International groups arrive in Sabah

Camps International 2016 have arrived at Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures!

Our partners at Camps International bring students from youth groups, schools and colleges from all over the UK to Sabah on adventure holidays and we are proud to be taking care of the dive portion of their visit yet again.

For the next 10 weeks, we will be welcoming 400+ young adventurers to camp and dive at our premier Dive Downbelow PADI 5 Star in Gaya Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

They will also be enjoying island activities such as snorkelling, kayaking and jungle trekking as well. The young adventurers are offered an opportunity to gain the PADI Open Water Certification or higher level in the 3 days duration of their time with us.

Before and after their adventure at our dive centre, they are treated to a stay at Downbelow Adventure Lodge located smack centre in the heart of Kota Kinabalu – the best place to go sightseeing!

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Our staff at Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures

One of the lasting memories for anyone about any trip will be the people they interact with. For this reason Downbelow have developed an outstanding team to deliver safe, enjoyable programs & holidays to exceed their clients’ expectations.

Part of our team is at PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island while the rest is at our Headquarters in KK Times Square.

When you visit us, you will find our staff friendly and welcoming. They leave such a positive impression that many of our guests repeatedly come back. One of the reasons our staff stay at the top of their game is our regular team workshops. Our team provides guests with outstanding customer service and professionalism because they love their jobs.

Get in touch with us to discuss various activities we offer! Our team at Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures can’t wait to meet you!

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