Downbelow 2ndSkin Branded Adventure T-Shirt

Enjoy maximum comfort and dryness even in summery weather when you wear the Downbelow 2ndSkin Branded Adventure T-Shirt. It is made of material designed to let you take part in sports and outdoor activities without worrying about sweating or irritation – just what you need for your adventure.

Product Features

  • Vapolite  Technology
  • Sweat & Moisture Wicking Characteristics
  • Stylish Adventure Designs
  • Available in Multiple Colours
  • Soft & Lightweight Fabric

Downbelow 2ndSkin Branded Adventure T-Shirt

Comfortable, stylish and versatile – Downbelow 2ndSkin Branded Adventure T-Shirt is the perfect wear for the thrill-seeker in you. Created and designed by sports enthusiasts that understands your adrenaline needs, the high quality shirts come in a number of different exciting designs which are available in a variety of bold colours. Additionally, you can also choose from a T-Shirt, Polo or Tank Top design that are made exclusively for adventurers in all occasions.

The Downbelow 2ndSkin Branded Adventure T-Shirt is made of Vaporlite Technology with 100% Micro-Fibre Polyester Ultra, making it lightweight and breathable. Be it for running, hiking, jungle trekking, participating in a sports competition, or enjoying a game in the outdoors, these t-shirts will ensure your comfort the whole entire time you are wearing it as it has the latest sweat-wicking technology fabric to give you the optimal balance of style and substance. It’s great to wear underwater too! So you can definitely use them when scuba diving or snorkelling. Furthermore, it is also very suitable to wear when you are on any of our adventure programs such as 2D1N Mt Kinabalu Climb, Mountain Biking – Kota Kinabalu, Jungle Trekking Mt Alab Day Trip, Proboscis Monkey Fireflies Tour and plenty more!

Vaporlite Technology
Technical wear elevated to an all new level of performance. Vaporlite’s unique fabric has a distinctive soft feel against your skin, making it extremely comfortable and light. Vaporlite’s quick sweat wicking characteristics become more apparent as the competition heats up. From recovery workouts to hard training days, it keeps you on the go. The active moisture wicking attributes keeps you naturally cooled by increasing sweat evaporation. It’s the final piece to your championship puzzle.
Type: Shirt / Polo / Tank Top
Material Option: 100% Microfibre Polyester Ultra, Lightweight and Breathable soft fabric