Expedition Borneo

Expedition Borneo

Are you seeking adventure, experience, achievement? Are you part of a group or an individual, maybe you have a gap year coming up?

Then look no further than “Expedition Borneo” a one month program that inspires people from any walk of life, any age, race or background to join together & challenge themselves with new experiences in Sabah, Borneo.


  • Learn to scuba dive or further your scuba diving education with PADI Courses
  • Climb Mt Kinabalu
  • Jungle Trek the Salt Trails & stay in a local village deep in the jungle
  • Wildlife Safaris, Trekking & River Boat Adventures
  • Camping on a Tropical Island
  • White Water Rafting
  • Volunteer Day at Sepilok Orangutan or Sun Bear Sanctuary

Expedition Borneo

Expedition Borneo in Sabah offers the best of Borneo’s natural beauty, wildlife & culture plus exciting sport opportunities for Gap Year & Adventure Travellers. To experience this with like-minded people through the enthralling activities of Expedition Borneo creates an unforgettable life experience.

Inspiring people from any walk of life, any age, race or background to join together and challenge themselves with new experiences. It is a comprehensive package comprising the best of what Sabah has to offer showcasing ecotourism and active conservation.

Expedition Borneo is a one month fully inclusive program designed and conducted entirely by us at Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures, PADI 5 STAR CDC Dive Centre and fully licensed Adventure Tour & Travel company based here in Sabah.

Our highly experienced professionally qualified staff team of expeditions leaders and instructors will take you deeper into the jungle, higher up the mountains and further from your comfort zone, to ensure a true sense of achievement.

Highlights – Expedition Borneo

Since 2010 our adventure program, Expedition Borneo has welcomed clients from all over the world on their gap year and adventure travels with a passion to discover new cultures, new challenges and achieve new personal heights

Downbelow Adventures PADI 5 Star CDC Dive Centre, Gaya Island

Located in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, participants will be camping at Downbelow Adventures PADI 5 Star CDC Dive Centre, Gaya Island throughout their island activities in the program. Participants have an opportunity to complete the PADI Open Water Course, which is the most popular dive course in the world. If you are already a qualified scuba diver you can complete your next level of PADI Course, or embark on a PADI Speciality Course that takes your interest. Taught by our team of professional PADI instructors and headed by Platinum PADI Course Director, Richard Swann. The flexibility of the program also allows groups to enjoy snorkelling, sea kayaking and jungle trekking should they request for it.

An important component of this segment of the program is the marine conservation activity we provide to the participants. With their newly gained appreciation of the marine environment, we aim to raise awareness on the importance of protecting the ocean. Participants learn about the role coral plays within the environment, we contrast and compare healthy corals with damaged corals, re-plant coral & conduct Project AWARE beach & underwater clean-ups. Overall this is a very rewarding & exciting way to start Expedition Borneo !

Climb Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is an iconic national landmark that rests in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kinabalu Park. The mountain itself holds an integral part of Sabah as a tourism destination and is filled with historical and cultural importance our participants can learn about – which is fitting for the Expedition Borneo program.

Standing at 4,095m above sea level, our participants will go on a climbing adventure and take up the challenge of conquering the mighty and majestic Mount Kinabalu. Scaling it is no easy feat, and requires the right commitment, preparation and support to achieve the goal of reaching the summit. The whole experience pushes the limits of our participants and in turn makes them realize their true potential – an empowering activity that is both challenging and rewarding.

Jungle Trekking the Salt Trails – Crocker Range National Park

Jungle trekking the Salt Trails provides a unique and challenging experience for our participants. Set in the Crocker Range National Park, participants get a glimpse into the beautiful untouched nature of Sabah and village life for the locals. For four days, participants will trek the route that has historical significance because it was traditionally followed by village traders. Away from the hustle and bustle of Kota Kinabalu City, this activity aims to get participants to experience nature at its best and gain an understanding of the importance of preserving history and natural heritage. Our groups are usually the only people on the route, the locals are very hospitable and welcome us with food, rice wine, songs and dancing – it’s a truly memorable experience for visitors to take away with them for the rest of their lives.

Sandakan & Kinabatangan

This region offers a variety of educational, cultural, nature and conservation activities. Participants will experience the Kinabatangan River Wildlife Safaris, Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, Borneon Sun Bear Conservation Area, Gomantong Caves, and much more. Since conservation plays an important role for us, we will arrange a day of volunteer service at either the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary or Borneon Sun Bear Conservation Area where you will learn more about the work that is being done here and have the opportunity to provide much needed assistance.

In the program, participants will have a closer look at the way of life for Sungai (river) people, who live in Kinabatangan, and how ecotourism contributes to the community. Participants can join in the Tree Planting activity, Cooking Lessons with the locals as well as interacting with them by competing in a game of soccer.

White Water Rafting 

PADAS River Class II-IV White Water Rapids are fun, exciting and promise you a trip that you will never forget. Located near the southwestern interior territory of Sabah that is only accessible by train (used since the late 19th century in Borneo). The 9km of white water rafting makes it one of the longest rafting journeys in Borneo.

Sign Up !

If you are an individual traveller, on a gap year from studies or work for example, our Expedition Borneo program have set dates available, which you can join to be accompanied by like-minded travellers.

2019 Calendar

Arrive Kota Kinabalu Depart Kota Kinabalu Status
28th February 2019 28th March 2019 FULL
31st March 2019 28th April 2019 FULL
11th May 2019 8th June 2019 FULL
13th September 2019 11th October 2019 Available

Note: The above dates are for individuals and friends to “join in” an existing expedition. If you are a group of 10 people or more we can put together a tailor-made Expedition Borneo to suit your dates and interest. 

Let us introduce you to the highlights of Sabah through Expedition Borneo!

  • Learn to Scuba Dive or develop your scuba diving or snorkelling abilities whilst camping on a tropical island paradise.
  • Trek through the historic Salt Trails within the Crocker Range Mountains & experience rural local hospitality.
  • Climb South East Asia’s highest mountain – Mt Kinabalu!
  • Orangutans & Wildlife River Safaris: Get up close and personal with the “Wild Man of Borneo”.
  • Give back to Borneo through local outreach & marine conservation projects.
  • White Water Rafting: Conquer the mighty rapids of the PADAS River.
  • Kick back & relax at a local beach resort.

Expedition Borneo is an all inclusive package, we collect you from Kota Kinabalu International Airport and after 1 Month of existing adventures we drop you off there for your on-ward travel. For groups of 10 people or more we can tailor-make an expedition borneo to suit your available time and interest.

International Flights, Evening Meals as Specified in your Itinerary, Sodas and Alcoholic Beverages; Tipping and Gratuities to Guide

Swimwear, Beachwear, Casual Shoes, Lightweight clothing long sleeves & long pants/trousers, Binoculars, Camera, Leech Socks, Insect repellent, Raincoat or poncho, Good walking shoes, Hat. Day bag.

Due to weather conditions, activities may be subject to re-scheduling to best meet operations, as well as clients health and safety. Wildlife cannot be predicated nor guaranteed because it is a spontaneous chance to spot any in their natural rainforest habitat.

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