The Downbelow office girls have teamed up with IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals) and will Run 7K to Save a Stray on 28th July 2018.

Anyone that knows us is already familiar with our commitment to animal welfare. In 2017 we built a cat shelter for SPCA KK (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Kota Kinabalu). The shelter is now home to 57 cats, we fund staff to run the shelter, play an active role in the animals health & welfare and support SPCA’s adoption program.

Our next project is to help IAPWA with their efforts in Borneo and we are kicking off with a sponsored run!

Save A Stray

The Plight Of Stray Cats & Dogs in Borneo

Thousands of dogs and cats in Borneo have no owner to feed them or provide them with a safe place to sleep. When they are ill they have no owner to care for them to get the treatment they need. Under these conditions, many live just a few months or years during which time they struggle to survive, live miserable lives and die a painful death.

IAPWA have been working in Borneo since 2009 to change this and are a lifeline for these animals through their facility and the veterinary support they provide to local sanctuaries and outreach programmes in remote regions. Due to public support they have been able to:

• End the inhumane methods of population control, saving thousands of lives.
• Neuter approximately 3000 dogs and cats every year to prevent them being born to suffer
• Provide vital veterinary treatment for those who need it
• Find loving homes through our adoption programme
• Run education programmes to create a more compassionate community
• Change legislation to prohibit the human consumption of dog and cat meat
• Make animal fighting illegal
• Increase penalties for animal cruelty
• Support local sanctuaries with veterinary care for the dogs and cats they rescue
• Establish outreach projects in remote areas with no access to veterinary care

Save A Stray Day

This coming weekend welcomes in Save A Stray Day so we are taking to the streets with the IAPWA veterinary team to run the 7K Sutera Harbour Fun Run, hoping that you – our friends, family, clients, partners and associates will sponsor us!

We are taking our training seriously. Nicky Stevens the founder & CEO of IAPWA is in Borneo to make sure we are not slacking off just one week before the event !

Save A Stray

Sponsor 0ur 7K Run & Save A Stray

For £3 (MYR 20.00) we can vaccinate a puppy or kitten against disease. For £5 (MYR 30.00) we can feed a stray for 2 weeks during surgery / treatment time and for £10 (MYR 60.00) we can also neuter them to prevent so much suffering. With your support for this project we can make an even bigger difference to the lives of thousands of strays who need our help.

Donate Now


You do not need a PayPal account to use this service. 100% of the money you donate will be given to the IAPWA Borneo Team (minus PayPal fees). Please state in the payment reference that this is a donation to IAPWA Borneo.

Huge thanks in advance to anyone that will be supporting us, keep an eye on our social media FaceBook, Instagram & Twitter for race updates on 29th July !

Save A Stray