The Amazing Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Discover the astonishing natural history at Tabin. The reserve boasts a large number of wildlife inhabiting its forest, some of which are highly endangered, endemic and habitat confined species, including the three largest mammals in Sabah – Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhinoceros and ‘Banteng’ or wild cattle. The elusive clouded leopard, leopard cat and marbled cat as well as 9 species of primates are roaming in the reserve. Tabin is also home to a vast species of tropical birds – approximately 42 families representing 300 species of birds. The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation has recently released two sun bears that has been under their captive to Tabin.

Coming to Tabin Wildlife Reserve, you will see a wide extent of palm oil plantation. Of recent, there has been a movement for more sustainable palm oil produce in Malaysia, which have led to the coalition of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

The Largest Wildlife Reserve in Sabah!

Gazetted in 1984, the reserve also covers an area of active and mineral rich mud volcanoes. The mud volcanoes are highly attractive to the fauna surrounding it and mammals benefits the area as a natural salt lick. The Tabin Wildlife Reserve is considered to be Sabah’s largest wildlife reserve, occupying  a large part of the peninsula forming the northern headland of Darvel Bay, located some 48 kilometers east of Lahad Datu. 

Tabin Wildlife Reserve comprises of 120 square kilometers of forest land including 90 square kilometers of primary unlogged forest. This vast area contributes to the astonishing variety of natural history in cabin, just waiting to be discovered. The reserve is highly accessible, making it an excellent destination for learning about the rainforest flora and fauna and its roles in the rainforest eco-system. 

Land of Hope for Borneo Endangered Species

Tabin Wildlife Reserve serves as a monitoring and release center for rehabilitated Orangutans and Sunbears, as well as a center for studying and breeding of Sumatran Rhinoceros. This movement has helped to preserve Sabah’s disappearing wildlife and its habitat. Since its establishment, Tabin Wildlife Reserve has continued to become a wildlife hotspot – opening its doors to nature enthusiast and research scientists alike.

If you are keen to experience the reserve and it’s fascinating flora and fauna yourself, nestled within is an eco-resort with 10 x units of River Lodges and 10 x units of Hill Lodges that offers jungle overnight stays.

Our Programs at Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Tabin Wildlife Reserve

3D2N Tabin Wildlife Safari Package

Enjoy wildlife spotting, night walk, night safari, and visit the Lipad Waterfall in the 3D2N Tabin Wildlife Safari program.

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Tabin Wildlife Reserve

3D2N Tabin Specialised Birding Package

Tabin Wildlife Reserve is a natural aviary. Discover the variety of bird species with expert guides in the 3D2N Specialised Birding Package.

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Tabin Wildlife Reserve

4D3N Tabin Wildlife Experience

Experience the beauty of Tabin Wildlife Reserve while spotting wildlife in the 4D3N Tabin Wildlife Experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions !

Weather in this region can be sunny, hot and very humid during the day with temperatures in the range of (28℃ – 34℃) followed by very heavy but short rain downpours usually in the afternoon. A raincoat would be very useful and umbrellas are also available in each chalets.

Yes! There are two common species of leeches found in Tabin: the tiger leech and the brown leech. The brown leech lives on the ground and the tiger leech on leaves, usually about one or two feet from the floor. Leeches are usually more active when it is wet or after rain.
We do have leech socks available for sale at our dive shop at KK Times Square. It is recommended to purchase them as it will keep the leeches out of your shoes/pants! Although, leech socks are only 90% leech-proof, it does make a huge difference by minimising your chances of getting bitten. But if you do get bitten, do not panic! You can easily remove them by flicking them off.

As Tabin is a rainforest reserve, you can expect wet and muddy terrains during the jungle treks. Therefore the best foot wear are water proof trekking boots. If you are already travelling and only have normal trekking boots, the reserve also provide wellington boots (provides better grip when trekking through the wet and muddy trails) in different sizes for jungle trekking at no extra charge if you are not keen to get your own hiking boots wet and muddy.

For the walks between their chalets to the restaurant and other common areas, they have the wooden walkaway for your convenience, hence sandals or normal shoes with good grip are fine.

It is an advantage of having your own guide as you have the flexibility to plan your own activities according to your interest in wildlife or mother nature without the need to wait for other people because of sharing guide.

Our Commitment to Conservation!

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During the past 15 years the company has established itself as a leading conservation and education provider locally and on the international platform. At Downbelow we are committed to responsible tourism. We design experiences and provide courses that foster appreciation, awareness and conservation of our environment and development of local people. In the course of this labour of love, our effort has been acknowledged by various publications and awards. To date, Ghost Net Removals, Underwater and Beach Clean Ups, Coral for Life, Tree for Life & Project Aware remain a large focus of our day to day life Downbelow!

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