Ancient Rainforest of Sabah Malaysia, Borneo

At 130 million years old, the forest in Danum Valley is one of the few places in the world where visitors can experience the magnificent splendour of nature in its original, unspoiled state.

The Danum Valley Conservation Area was formerly part of a 972,000 hectares forest concession assigned to Yayasan Sabah (The Sabah Foundation) which was spared from logging in 1981 in recognition for its outstanding biodiversity. It was gazetted under the Forest Enactment 1968 as a Class I Forest Reserve by the Sabah State Legislative Assembly, under the authority of the Sabah Forestry Department in May 1995. The inter-agency, Danum Valley Management Committee, is responsible for the management and administration of the area. The area was also gazetted under the Cultural Heritage Conservation Enactment 1997.

Exceptional Flora & Fauna

The primary lowland dipterocarp forest in Danum Valley supports several important globally threatened species and a rich diversity of biome-related species. 170 species of mammals, 72 reptiles, 56 amphibians and 37 fishes have been identified here. Significant populations of 10 species of primates, including the Orangutan and Proboscis Monkey are present. Danum Valley Conservation Area is a crucial refuge of many endangered and protected species of fauna including the pygmy elephant, orangutan, proboscis monkey, bay cat, otter civet, Borneon Gibbon, sun bears, hairy nosed otter, grey leaf monkey and flora including Parashorea malaanonan, Shorea johorensis, Shorea pauciflora, Dryobalanops lanceolata, Engelhardia danumensis, Aglaia laxiflora, and Mangifera rufocostata.

A Hub for Researchers & Scientists

After the establishment of the Danum Valley Field Centre (Danum Valley Study Center) – a research facility for conducting research and supporting scientist in the rainforest studies in 1986, Danum Valley Conservation Area started to gain more popularity inviting more visitors this the eventual inauguration of the Borneo Rainforest Lodge in 1994 – a hospitality service facility which focuses on sustainability.

Our Programs at Danum Valley Conservation Area

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Frequently Asked Questions !

Weather in this region can be sunny, hot and very humid during the day with temperatures in the range of (28℃ – 34℃) followed by very heavy but short rain downpours usually in the afternoon. A raincoat would be very useful and umbrellas are also available in each chalets.

Yes! There are two common species of leeches found in Tabin: the tiger leech and the brown leech. The brown leech lives on the ground and the tiger leech on leaves, usually about one or two feet from the floor. Leeches are usually more active when it is wet or after rain.
We do have leech socks available for sale at our dive shop at KK Times Square. It is recommended to purchase them as it will keep the leeches out of your shoes/pants! Although, leech socks are only 90% leech-proof, it does make a huge difference by minimising your chances of getting bitten. But if you do get bitten, do not panic! You can easily remove them by flicking them off. You can get a ‘blood donor certificate’ at the reception desk for a small fee if bitten.

During the jungle trek, wearing a good quality of waterproof hiking boots will be great in all terrains. Adidas Kampung/Rubber Shoe is provided at BRL however sizes are limited and we do not recommend wearing rubber shoe as it is not comfortable for long treks and often do not provide adequate grip.

It is an advantage of having your own guide as you have the flexibility to plan your own activities according to your interest in wildlife or mother nature without the need to wait for other people because of sharing guide.

The risk of coming into contact with Malaria is very slim. Danum Valley is considered to be a low risk area for malaria transmission. However, we advise all our guests to take necessary measures to prevent mosquito bites from dusk to dawn. To minimise the risk of being bitten, it is advisable to wear lightweight or thin long-sleeved shirts, long trousers and use insect repellent on exposed area. It is also advisable to keep your veranda door closed at all times to avoid mosquitoes from entering your room. Rest assured, all rooms are installed with mosquito netting.

This choice depends on each individual preferences as some medication has certain side-effects that affect each individual differently. Therefore, taking preventive medication for this depends on your state of comfort and it is best to consult your doctor should you have any concerns about Malaria Medication.

Our Commitment to Conservation!

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During the past 15 years the company has established itself as a leading conservation and education provider locally and on the international platform. At Downbelow we are committed to responsible tourism. We design experiences and provide courses that foster appreciation, awareness and conservation of our environment and development of local people. In the course of this labour of love, our effort has been acknowledged by various publications and awards. To date, Ghost Net Removals, Underwater and Beach Clean Ups, Coral for Life, Tree for Life & Project Aware remain a large focus of our day to day life Downbelow!

What Makes Downbelow Different ?

  • Customised Itineraries To Save Money & Maximise Time
  • Genuine Focus On Conservation & Outreach Community Programs
  • TWO Full Service Island Based PADI 5 Star IDC Centres – Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
  • Own and Operate Our Adventure Lodge Accommodation – KK Times Square
  • Fully Comprehensive Quality Control Standards and Procedures
  • TWO Resident PADI Course Directors – In House and Full Time
  • Gained International Awards for Excellence, Education and Experience
  • Awarded the PADI Green Star Award for Environmental Practices to Reduce our Environmental Footprint
  • Hassle FREE – airport to airport service all under one company
  • Dedicated experienced travel consultant for planning your trip, during your trip and post trip support
  • Approved British Ministry of Defence Commercial Dive Centre
  • Company Profits Support Welfare & Marine Conservation